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THE YATES GROUP, LLC is a privately held family owned business.  Founders John & Kathie Yates, together with daughter, Chelsea, have an undying passion for customer service and aviation.  They are providing customers with the ultimate in turbine aircraft acquisitions, sales, and consultation services.

John D. Yates
John D. Yates

John is the President of The Yates Group, LLC.  As a pilot with 23 years experience in the aviation industry and a Master’s degree in Engineering from University of Oklahoma, John assures that clients acquire the right aircraft or aircraft buyer for their needs.

John is primarily involved with aircraft sales and acquisitions and handles all aspects of every transaction from detailed aircraft research and coordination of inspection/maintenance progress to execution of a smooth close.

John’s engineering and technical background guides clients to choose the right aircraft for their needs, with assurance that it is in excellent condition and placed into an operation that suits their requirements.

John maintains well established relationships with trusted leaders in the extensive dealer/brokers network in the U.S. and engages international strategic alliances to provide our clients the best possible aviation solutions.

Kathie J. Yates
Kathie J. Yates

Kathie works in aviation sales and support which is enhanced by a long and successful background in sales and marketing.  Having been an entrepreneur for most of her career, she understands the importance of streamlining efforts and optimizing customer finances in each and every transaction.


Kathie’s strongest expertise is in customer service and support and she enjoys interacting with clients and other aviation industry professionals.


Kathie oversees all aspects of web development and handles the complete working functions of the office including research, accounting, advertising, and media placement.

Chelsea Yates

Chelsea loves all aspects of being an aviation consultant. She is the spice of the company and adds a breath of sunshine to all interactions.  Her day-to-day activities center primarily around sales and acquisitions.


Chelsea is devoted to providing superb customer service and believes that buying and selling aircraft should be a fun experience. Chelsea studied Business at Colorado State University.

Chelsea Yates

Chelsea Yates checks out a Cessna Sovereign at NBAA

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